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Barnstaple Town Council Community Grants

There are four different types of grant that are available to community organisations in Barnstaple, details of which are below.

Please take time to read through the terms and conditions for the grants and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch, through the Town Council office.

Application forms are also available from reception at the Town Council Offices:

Address:   Barnstaple Town Council, Barum House, The Square, Barnstaple Ex32 8LS.  Email:   admin@barnstapletowncouncil.gov.uk   Tel:   01271 373311 

Community Grants

Looking for help getting a new organisation off the ground, support a long running project or a just a small grant?

Barnstaple Town Council offers Small Grants, Annual Grants and Strategic Grants tailored to the needs of projects and organisations that are beneficial to the town of Barnstaple and its residents.

All Community Grants are managed through the Community Development Committee.

Your local Town Councillor also has up to £300 per year that can be awarded to local groups and organisations, please contact them direct.

These are the three types of grants available:

Small Grantsup to £1000

Available 3 times per year.

We can only accept one application, per year, per group.

The application deadlines for each round will be 1st day of April, September and January.

Applications will be considered by the following committee meeting held in May, October and February.

Annual Grants – between £1000 – £5000.

Applications are received between October & December.

All applications will be considered in February and approved at the March Committee meeting.

Payments will be made in April each year.

Annual Strategic Grant – between £5000 – £8000

Can be subject to multiple year agreements.

The timeline will be the same as the annual grants above.

For these grants we would advise you to make an appointment for a pre-application discussion with the officer of the Council.

Who Qualifies for a Grant?

Grants are awarded to organisations, community groups or partnerships which demonstrate that:

  • They have a need for grant funding, grants may not be given to any organisation with significant uncommitted funds.
  • They have, in the opinion of the Council, sound governance arrangements.
  • They have, in the opinion of the Council, sound financial management.
  • The grant will represent good value for money.
  • They have, in the opinion of the Council, sufficient ability to deliver the outcomes anticipated.
  • They have clear policies on equality and inclusion covering service user, subject to recognised exemptions.
  • Most importantly, the grant provides significant benefit specifically to the Community of Barnstaple.
  • The Council will generally not approve applications from individuals or from commercial organisations.
  • Grant conditions, application and reporting procedures are commensurate with the different levels of the financial investment of the council.
  • All applications are subject to a rigorous process.

Please read the Grants Application & Award Guidance carefully before you start your application process.

Apply for a small grant

Grant Documents

These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. .docx. Request an accessible format.

Applications for the Annual & Strategic Grants are currently closed.

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