Our ancient town of Barnstaple has always been outward looking and interested in people from other places. Being a trading centre since the beginning, Barnstaple has welcomed merchants, market and fair folk and has a long tradition made manifest by the extending of the “white glove” of friendship!

Town Twinning is part of Barnstaple’s culture of openness towards others and we are proud to be twinned with five places. The story of each twinning is unique and over the next few months, the stories will be told here.

Barnstaple Twinning Association has a new committee, (February 2020) and they are actively encouraging everyone to take an interest in the work they do and the aims behind the work.

Stadt Uelzen, Germany – the area of Northern Devon has been twinned with this area in Lower Saxony for over 50 years. Barnstaple is twinned with the town of Uelzen.

Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA – this relationship has been active for a very long time and the official twinning was in 1986.

Trouville, Normandy, France – this twinning started a long time ago and we are still researching the events and activities that have taken place.

Susa, Piemonte, Italy – started by two teachers in 2001, the official town winning was in 2008.

Harstad, Finnmark, Norway – our newest twin town is 400 km above the Arctic Circle. Chivenor marine base go there for winter training.

Watch this space for more information on each one!

For further information, or if you would like to be involved, without necessarily travelling, please contact Frances Bell: francesndam@aol.com