Town Council Services

Barnstaple’s community is at the heart of what we do; we strive to make Barnstaple a place people love to live, work, and visit. We can provide advice to members of Barnstaple’s community on a range of topics, where we can’t help, we aim to connect people with the organisations most applicable to them and their needs. Through our network of contacts, we partner with community interest groups and charities, helping the people of Barnstaple in as many ways as possible. One way we aim to connect with people is through events.
As a Town Council we aim to put on events for the community, at either free or very low cost. Some of the events we do are: Fair Proclamation, Remembrance, Mayor Making, Christmas Fayre, and The Mayor’s Charity Ball. We are also striving to create more events that focus on current issues such as the Cost-of-Living Crisis. In December of 2022 ‘Help 4 All’ was held in the Pannier Market, and it brought together a large selection of organisations that were available for people to seek advice and help from. We will be looking at doing more events like this. Our Heritage team are also hosting many events at present with more in the calendar.
Heritage and Culture
The Heritage team at the Town Council have been putting on free craft days during the school holidays which have been received very positively by the community. They are also actively recruiting more volunteers to help with research and collections care as well as events and exhibits. This has enabled further use of the historic Guildhall. The guildhall is just one of the iconic Barnstaple landmarks that the Town council maintain. The others are St Anne’s Chapel, The Shambles, The Castle Centre, Barum House and Albert Clock.
One of our ways of helping the community is through our grants scheme. Take a look to see if your organisation is eligible for a grant.
Green Spaces
The Town Council maintains various green spaces around Barnstaple. This includes grass and hedge cutting as well as planting flowerbeds and cleaning bus stops. Our Rangers also look after some of the grass verges and shrubs around junctions and main roads.
The Town Council provides three defibrillators in the town and are about to add more over the next two years.