Btc Fair Proclamation 21 178
Btc Fair Proclamation 21 178

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Barnstaple Fair Proclamation

1,000 years of history go to make up the annual Barnstaple Fair, and for nearly 200 years there’s been an opening ceremony at Barnstaple Guildhall. You can listen to this year’s proceedings outside (unless you’re one of the lucky invited guests inside!), and join in the procession around the town centre at midday.

Look out for the hand of friendship, a floral glove that appears from an upstairs window of the Guildhall at the start of the procession. Just a few hours to wait after that, and then you can head off to the South West’s biggest funfair on Seven Brethren Bank. It’s on for the following three nights too.

Fun and tradition hand in hand (or should that be glove?) in England’s oldest borough. #barnstaplefair#barnstapleoldestborough