The Vision

  • At its meeting on 22nd July 2019 Barnstaple Town Council declared a climate emergency (2019/TC39). This means that we need to implement society-wide resources at sufficient scale and speed to protect people, the economy, protect civilisation, species and ecosystems.
  • For Barnstaple Town Council (BTC) and the town of Barnstaple to become carbon-neutral and carbon cost-neutral by 2030.


  • To include all carbon emitting activity in Barnstaple including from those who live, work and visit the town, plus from businesses who are based and operate here (to include farming, home energy and transport) in so far as the Council’s remit and/or capacity allows.


  • Collaborate effectively with other stakeholders, e.g. councils, community groups, businesses, educational institutions and the public.
  • Commit to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint through its own actions and procurements.
  • Place carbon reduction opportunities at the heart of the Council’s committees, policies, procedures, contracts and plans.
  • Improve the natural resources of the Council’s green spaces and energy efficiency of its properties & built environment whilst respecting the heritage of Barnstaple
  • Empower groups and individuals to fight against climate change by improving their own practices with provision of educational materials, information and a programme of activities.
  • Call on Westminster to provide the necessary powers and resources to make the 2030 target possible.
  • Raise funds for action.
  • Monitoring and feedback.

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For more information you can visit the Devon Climate Emergency Website via this link: Devon Climate Emergency Website

Map of all councils that have declared a climate emergency – Maps of Councils

We also work in partnership with 361 Community Energy who work in North Devon to support the community focusing on local engagement, leadership and support to take collective action to reduce, purchase, manage and generate energy. Their free service helps with your home bills and energy efficiency you can find out more on their website via this link.

Another partner we work with is North Devon Council who have also declare a climate emergency – their website also has useful links which you can visit here.