"So, you're thinking of having an allotment?!"

Allotments are a great source of pleasure to many people, providing fresh healthy fruit and vegetables and also a place to escape to for solitude, or for the friendly exchange of gardening ideas with other plot holders.
If you decide to take on an allotment you should know a few things beforehand:-
1. You will have a contract with your landlord, the Town Council and you should read it carefully to see what you need permission for and what basic rules there are. These rules are to protect you, your landlord, the neighbouring properties and your fellow allotment holders. If you don’t stick to them, you risk losing your plot.

2. Allotments require regular work and a certain commitment of time. Plot holders usually average about 3 hours per week (minimum) spread over the year. Busy times of year are spring and late summer in particular, but there is always something that needs to be done no matter what time of year it is! You can’t ‘blitz’ your plot every few months – allotment gardening just doesn’t work like that.

3. Make sure you are on the waiting list for the plot that is closest to your home if at all possible – the closer you are the more likely you are to go regularly! If you have mobility problems or need to have parking close by or flat access only, make this clear to the Council so they can advise you about the best site to suit you. Remember, some sites have toilets, storage areas, etc. but some do not.

4. You might want to think about having a smaller plot to begin with if you are a beginner or you aren’t sure about the amount of time you can commit. Ask the Council if these smaller plots are available. You can always expand later, if there are spare plots!

5. While you are waiting for your plot, you might want to do some reading to prepare yourself. There are lots of good value books on the market and many are available at the local library. The following easily available books are useful for both beginners and experienced gardeners:

  • Dr. D.G. Hessayon ‘The Vegetable Expert’

  • Dr. D.G. Hessayon ‘The Fruit Expert’

  • Geoff Hamilton ‘Organic Gardening’

  • John Seymour ‘The Self Sufficient Gardener’

  • Any basic guide from the Royal Horticultural Society

  • Any basic guide from the Gardeners’ World series

Remember – tell the Town Council if you no longer wish to be on the allotments waiting list or if you move home or change your phone number!


  • There are over 250 allotment plots on 5 different sites around Barnstaple, available to rent annually. The cost to rent a plot depends on the size of the plot. The average standard plot costs around £30 a year.
  • Our allotments are for use by residents of Barnstaple only (within the Barnstaple parish) a parish map can be found here.   View map
  • All of our allotment sites have a waiting list. When you have reached the top of the waiting list you will be sent a letter offering you whichever plot has become available. You have two weeks in which to view and sign up for the plot offered.
  • If you are 65 years of age or over, the total rent will automatically be reduced by 20%.
  • Use our form below to apply for an allotment.
  • If you no longer require your allotment please complete the Surrender an allotment form below.

Bryants Field

EX32 7EA

Entrance to the site is via Bear Street or Bicton Street.

There are 67 allotment plots, this is the second largest site.

The site is on a hill, so no level access.


EX31 1JR

Entrance to the allotment is via Pathfield Lawn or Braunton Road.

There are 33 allotment plots.

The site is flat with level access.

Higher Raleigh

EX31 1PR

Entrance to the allotment is via Higher Raleigh Road.

There are 51 allotment plots on this site.

The site is on a hill, so there is no level access.

Mill Road

EX31 1JQ

Entrance to this allotment is via Mill Lane.

There are 30 allotment plots here, making it our smallest site.

This site is level, although the access is tight between plots.

Sunny Bank

EX32 8LB

Entrance to the allotment is via Barbican Lane and Firs Grove.

There are 69 allotment plots, making it our largest allotment site.

The allotment site is mainly flat with level access

Allotment Documents

These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. .doc. Request an accessible format.