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Volunteers’ Week

This week has been Volunteers’ Week

Over the course of the week we’ve introduced Volunteers Dee & Gwyneth and have hopefully raised awareness of all the amazing work our volunteers do and how to get involved. You can volunteer too – just email Admin@barnstapletowncouncil.gov.uk

What an unprecedented and peculiar year or so it has been. In January 2020 no one really believed that a year and 5 months later we’d still be in the grip of a Global Pandemic. Lives, livelihoods, families, schools, jobs, offices, cafes, restaurants, clubs, theatres and all places that we were once able to freely frequent without question have been off-limits, closed and closing down for good at an alarming rate.

What has kept us all going? How have we coped in these most unlikely of circumstances? Well, for one we have been lucky as a nation to pull together, to clap for our NHS on a weekly basis and to thank goodness for those that not only put their life on the line for their jobs but for those that have volunteered throughout.

Mayor Alan Rennles said: “Myself and the whole of Barnstaple Town Council owe a huge debt of gratitude to the wonderful volunteers we have had the pleasure of working with throughout this pandemic. If you’d have ever told me that one day I’d be chairing meetings via video conferencing and not meeting up with family and friends for months and months at a time I’d have thought you were from another world, but here we are and about 17 months later and that’s exactly what we’ve all been doing.

“Sacrificing normal every day life in order to get this virus under control and here’s hoping that we have worked hard enough to make that happen now. Without all the fantastic hard work of the many volunteers within our lovely town then life would have been an even bigger struggle for many. So I say thank you to them all, to the volunteer shoppers, drivers, carers, dog walkers, food donations, the amazing work being done at the vaccination centres and of course to every one in our community for coming together and making the best of an awful situation! Thank you one and all.”

Megan Sanders, Heritage and Cultural Manager at Barnstaple Town Council said: “We are very lucky in that we have some amazing volunteers who have been just so wonderful throughout this pandemic. Stepping into new roles and unchartered territory and basically working above and beyond. Working alongside other volunteers, groups, partners and the community as a whole, volunteers have played a major role in keeping the country & our town going in the last 15 months.

“All of us at Barnstaple Town Council want to say the biggest thank you to all who have volunteered and helped this community get through this extremely challenging year.”

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and to all volunteers across the board. Their dedication and sacrifice of their own time really does make a huge difference. Thank you!